Dodge & Cox Emerging Markets Stock Fund seeks long-term growth of principal and income.

Investment approach

This Fund offers investors a highly selective, actively managed emerging market equity fund that invests in companies of any size, primarily in emerging and frontier markets, based on our analysis of companies’ fundamentals relative to their current valuations. Generally, we:

  • Target a diversified portfolio of equity securities issued by small-, mid-, and large-cap companies from emerging or frontier market countries that, in our opinion, appear to be temporarily undervalued by the stock market but have a favorable outlook for long-term growth. Emerging market issuers include those located in emerging market countries and those we determine to have significant economic exposure to emerging market countries.
  • Select individual securities based on our analyses of various factors—including a company’s financial strength, economic condition, competitive advantage, quality of the business franchise, financially material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, and the reputation, experience, and competence of its management—as weighed against valuation.


Dividends and capital gains (if any) are distributed in annually in December.




Meet the Fund’s Investment Committee

We believe investors benefit from our team-based approach to managing investments. Through close collaboration and debate, we bring our best ideas forward. The primary responsibilities of the Committee, whose members’ average tenure at Dodge & Cox is 17 years, include:

  • Setting and reviewing emerging markets investment strategy, and continually assessing opportunities and risks to the portfolio.
  • Evaluating and debating analyst recommendations to make buy, sell, and position-sizing decisions across individual holdings, sectors, and countries.
  • Overseeing the strategy’s implementation, making changes when appropriate.

Our Committee members are shareholders of Dodge & Cox and invest in the Emerging Market Stock Fund.

David Hoeft

Chief Investment Officer, Investment Committee Member, D&C Board Member

30 years with Dodge & Cox

Mario DiPrisco

Investment Committee Member, Global Industry Analyst

25 years with Dodge & Cox

Sophie Chen

Investment Committee Member, Global Industry Analyst

11 years with Dodge & Cox

Rameez Dossa

Investment Committee Member, Global Industry Analyst

10 years with Dodge & Cox

Robert Turley

Investment Committee Member, Portfolio Strategy Analyst

10 years with Dodge & Cox


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