Other Ways to Invest

We do not charge our shareholders transaction fees. If you're investing outside your employer's defined contribution retirement plan, a lower cost way to own our Funds is to invest with us directly. That said, many of our shareholders choose to invest with us in other ways.

There are multiple ways to invest in the Dodge & Cox Funds

On Brokerage Platforms

We are available for purchase on online brokerage platforms. While a brokerage firm may charge you a transaction fee to purchase our Funds, one benefit is that you can manage all of your investments in one place. To find our Funds on certain platforms, you may need to search using our tickers or CUSIP numbers listed below.


Through Your Advisor

Financial advisors often use our Funds when building investment plans with their clients. If you work with an advisor, ask about using our Funds as a part of your plan.

In Your Retirement Plan

Our Stock, International Stock, and Income Funds are commonly available options in defined contribution retirement plans. Employers also use our Funds in their defined benefit, profit-sharing and other types of pension plans. Check your plan or talk to your employer's benefit administrator to see if we're an option.

To find us, you may need to search using our Funds’ tickers or CUSIP identifiers. All of our Funds are open and available for purchase.