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Open An Account
Account Application for Individuals and Personal Trusts
  • Use this form to open an individual, joint tenant, custodial account for a minor, or a trust account where the beneficial owner is a person. Investors can also open these accounts online, with the exception of personal trusts. Do not use this form for an IRA.
Account Application for Corporations and Other Entities
  • Use this form to open an account for a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, statutory trust, or other type of entity.
New Account Eligibility Form: International Stock Fund  
  • Provide with Account Application to demonstrate your eligibility to open an account in the closed International Stock Fund
Update Your Account
Account Options Form
  • Consent for electronic delivery
  • Add telephone and internet privileges to your account
  • Add an automatic investment plan
  • Add a systematic withdrawal plan
  • Change your distribution options
  • Update your bank account information
Change of Ownership Form
  • Change an individual account to a joint tenant account
  • Change a joint tenant account to an individual account
  • Change of / to a trust account
  • Change an UGMA/UTMA account to an individual account (minor reaches age of majority)
  • Change the custodian of an UGMA/UTMA account.
Indemnification and Corporate/Organization Resolution Form
  • Certify the list of individuals authorized to act on behalf of a corporation, organization or partnership for accounts in the Dodge & Cox Funds
Transfer on Death Beneficiary Designation Form
  • Designate a beneficiary(ies) (or change a previously made designation) for your individual or joint tenant account in the Dodge & Cox Funds
Indemnification Agreement for Power of Attorney Registration
  • Appoint an Attorney-in-fact authorized to act on your behalf for your account(s)
Cost Basis Election Form
  • Elect or change a cost basis method for covered shares in your account
Account Linking Form
  • Link related accounts together. After linking your accounts, you will receive one quarterly statement for all of your accounts. It will also be easier for you to view all of your account information in the Account Access portion of our web site
Redeem, Gift, or Transfer Shares
Redemption Request Form
  • Request a redemption from your account(s)
Gift of Shares Form
  • Gift Fund shares to an individual or non-profit organization
Inheritance Form
  • Request a transfer of shares due to inheritance
Notice to Investors Residing Outside the United States
Shares of the Dodge & Cox Funds are offered for sale only in the United States and are registered for sale in all states. While you may obtain prospectuses and other information about our Funds at this website, our Funds are not registered for sale in any other country. We will only mail prospectuses and other information to U.S. addresses, and we will only establish accounts with a U.S. address.
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